Teaching English & Learning Foreign Languages

Teaching English & Learning Foreign Languages

Mary Lisa Williams Faith & Church July 11, 2016 at 2:49 pm
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Project Description

Languages are beautiful, and having the ability to communicate with others is so exciting! I want to raise money to take a certification course that will allow me to be hired to work in other countries teaching English. That course is $1,100.00, and it starts in September! Once I have that certification, I will need money to put together my teaching materials and tools, and get established in another country. I will work, and be paid to teach, but I also want to take language courses myself. I want to immerse myself in the cultures of the countries I teach in, so that I can have maximum learning opportunities possible. Besides English, of course, I am pretty fluent in Spanish, but I would like to really perfect it, to the point where I can take and pass the D.E.L.E. Exam (it’s a diploma offered by a university in Spain to let organizations know the level of fluency one has – I want to make sure I am fluent at the highest level). After that I would also like to learn Portuguese, French, and Italian. Those languages alone will open up 65 countries where I could communicate, interpret, and translate for others!

Besides those languages, I would also like to learn Sign Language. I recently learned that there are 8 different sign languages! I would start with American Sign Language, but would also like to learn Spanish, Australian, Irish, Swedish, British, Japanese, and Chinese Sign Languages. Knowing at least sign language in each of these countries could open up still more communication opportunities.



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